Unit VI: Nomenclature

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Goal: The student will gain an understanding of the international system for naming chemical compounds.

Objectives: The student should be able to:

1. Differntiate between a symbol for an element and a formula for a compound.

2. Explain what a formula unit represents for

a) covalent compounds and b) ionic compounds

3. Use oxidation numbers or valences to write formulas for ionic compounds.

4. write the formula for a covalent compound from its chemical name.

5. Name a compound from its chemical formula.

6. Distinguish between a molecular formula and an empirical formula for a compound.

7. Write teh formulas for common acids when given the chemical name.

8. Name a common acid when given its chemical formula.


Oct 25: Discuss test, Begin Lecture on Writing Formulas

Oct 26: Quiz I Elements 1-18, Finish Lecture on Writing Formulas

Oct 27: Quiz II Elements 19036, Discuss homework on Formulas, Begin Lecture on Naming Compounds

Oct 30: Quiz III Formula Writing, Finish Lecture on Naming Compounds

Oct 31: discuss homeowrk

Nov 1 : Quiz IV Naming Compounds, Compound Craziness

Nov 2: Review for test

Nov 3: Unit VI Exam


Oct 25: Memorize names and symbols for elements 1-18 for Quiz I

Oct 26: Memorize names and symbols for elements 19-36 for Quiz II, worksheet I-Writing Formulas

Oct 27: Study for Quiz III Formula Writing

Oct 30: Worksheet II Naming Compounds

Oct 31: Study for Quiz IV Naming Compounds

Nov 1 : Review Worksheet on Nomenclature

Nov 2: Study for test

Nov 3: Read Chapter 10

Lecture & Lab Materals: