Unit 10: Bonding and Molecular Geometry



Goal: To understand the fundamentals of bonding and how molecular geometry is affected by different bonding patterns.

Objectives: The student should be able to:

1. Define chemical bond.

2. Distinguish among the following bond types based upon how electrons are involved: pure covalent, polar covalent, coordinate covalent, ionic, and metallic.

3. Use the electronegativity differences between bonding atoms to predict the type of bond.

4. Compare and contrast the general properties of compounds based upon their bond type.

5. Draw Lewis Structures for simple molecules.

6. Define VSEPR.

7. Define the shapes and identify the Lewis dot structure of the central atom associated with the shapes.

8. Given a chemical formula of a simple molecule, identify its geometric shape as linear, trigonal planar, angular, tetrahedral, trigonal pyramidal, trigonal bipyramidal, irregular tetrahedral, t-shaped, octahedral, square pyramidal or square planar.

9. Explain with Lewis structures how an atom’s electron configuration is thought to be modified in hybridization.

10. Distinguish between sigma and pi bonds in compounds with double and triple covalent bonds in terms of how these bonds are formed and what types of orbitals are involved.

11. Construct Lewis dot structures to explain the concept of resonance.

12. Explain which molecular shapes will produce a polar or non-polar molecule.


Jan 31: Lecture Resonance, Electronegativities, Polarity

Feb 1: Begin Lecture Molecular Shape and VSEPR Theory

Feb 2: Finish Lecture Molecular Shape and VSEPR Theory

Feb 5: Begin Lecture Hybridization, Sigma ( s ) and pi ( p ) bonds

Feb 6: Finish Lecture Hybridization, Sigma ( s ) and pi ( p ) bonds

Feb 7: Demonstration: Comparing Ionic and Covalent Solids, Lab: Molecular Models (Lab Report Feb 14)

Feb 8: Review for Unit X Test

Feb 9: Unit X Test


Feb 5 : Prelab for Molecular Models Lab

Feb 6: Work on Study Guide, Lab report due Feb 14

Feb 7: Work on Study Guide

Feb 8: Study for test

Feb 13: Finish Lab report


Lecture & Lab Materials (uploaded once per week):