Unit I: Introduction to Biology and Animal Behavior

Chapters 1 and 34


Unit Name and Number
Lab Activities
I Introduction to Biology and Animal Behavior 1, 34

Scientific Method: Termite Lab

Isopod Lab

II Chemistry of Life 2

Carbon Compound Testing

Chemical Reactions and Enzymes

III Cell Structure and Function 7

Microscopy and Cells

Osmosis and Diffusion

IV Cell Energetics 8, 9

Fermentation Lab

Plant Pigment Chromatography

V Cell Reproduction 10 Cell Cycle Lab
VI Introduction to Genetics 11, 12

DNA Isolation

Protein Synthesis Paper Lab

VII Biotechnology and the Human Genome 13, 14 DNA Fingerprinting
VIII Natural Selection and Evolution 15, 16, 17  
IX Classification, Viruses, and Bacteria 18, 10 Culturing Bacteria
X Protists and Fungi 20, 21

Survey of Fungi

XI The Plant Kingdom 22-25

Plant Structure and Function

Plant Reproduction

XII The Invertebrate Phyla 26-29

Survey of Invertebrates

Invertebrate Dissection

XIII The Vertebrates 30-33

Vertebrate Dissection

XIV Ecology 3-6

Food Chains and Webs

Estimating Populations


XV Human Biology 35-40 Human Bio Project



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